Who killed Melissa Howard?

Case Number: 06-43-OF

On January 6, 2006, Melissa Howard, 33, a mother of three, was discovered by her daughter and two other individuals murdered in her Tiffot Court home in northeast Crestview.  There appeared to have been a struggle and some items were stolen from the residence. The Associate Medical Examiner said Howard was repeatedly stabbed in the neck and showed signs of blunt force trauma to her head. As of this date, Howard’s killer has not been brought to justice.

 What happened to Kristy Rogers?

Case Number: 7790-97

Kristy Rogers, age 16, disappeared on August 2, 1997.  She told her family she was spending the night with a girlfriend but instead stayed at her boyfriend’s residence.  The boyfriend, Mack Cawthorn, told police that Rogers departed his house on N. Lloyd St. at approximately 5AM heading to her residence on W. Walnut Ave.; however, she never arrived and has not been seen since.  In February 1998, a bag containing Rogers’ clothing was discovered in a wooded area near the current Tractor Supply plaza on W. James Lee Blvd., an area which had previously been searched.

If you have any information regarding the above cases, or any other unsolved crime, please contact the Crestview Police Department’s Criminal Investigations Division at (850) 682-4157.  You may also submit an anonymous tip by contacting Emerald Coast Crime Stoppers.