Auxiliary & Part-Time Unit

The Crestview Police Department is augmented by up to 10 Auxiliary Police Officers and 10 Part-Time Police Officers.  These men and women graciously donate their time without financial compensation to support and augment various law enforcement functions within the Crestview Police Department.

Auxiliary officers are vested with the authority of a law enforcement officer while acting under the direction and supervision of a full-time officer.  Auxiliary officers wear uniforms and badges similar to those of full-time officers and are authorized to carry a firearm on duty. Auxiliary officers ride-along with officers on patrol to provide back-up and assist officers in their normal duties. Auxiliary officers who successfully complete supplemental field training are authorized to perform solo limited scope patrol and traffic enforcement duties in assigned areas, as directed by the on-duty Patrol Sergeant.

To be eligible to serve as an auxiliary officer, individuals must be at least 19 years of age, be a high school graduate or equivalent, be a U.S. Citizen, not have been convicted of any felony or of any misdemeanor that involves perjury or a false statement, not have received a dishonorable discharge from the U.S. Armed Forces, be of good moral character, pass a physical examination by a Physician and a drug screening, and successfully complete the Florida Auxiliary Law Enforcement Training Course. This course is periodically offered through Northwest Florida State College in Niceville, Florida and consists of approximately 320 clock hours of formal training. The course is an abbreviated version of the Law Enforcement Academy and includes topics such as Patrol, Legal, Report Writing, Use of Force, Firearms, First Aid, Defensive Tactics, Emergency Vehicle Operations, and other related topics.

Some auxiliary officers choose to eventually become full-time officers. In fact, four of the Crestview Police Department’s current Sergeants and one Lieutenant began their careers as auxiliary officers with the Crestview Police Department. Other auxiliary officers work in separate career fields while serving their community in their spare time in this unique and honorable way.

The Crestview Police Department also maintains a Part-Time Officer Unit. While also volunteers, part-time officers (also referred to as Reserve Officers) are individuals who hold full state Law Enforcement Officer Certification. Part-time officers are vested with full arrest powers and the same level of authority as full-time officers.

Many part-time officers are retired or former full-time officers with a desire to keep their law enforcement certification active by participating in mandatory re-training and continuing their service to the community on a part-time, voluntary basis.

To serve as a part-time officer, individuals must meet the same eligibility requirements established for full-time officers. These requirements may be viewed on our Career Information Page.

Both auxiliary and part-time officers are asked to commit a minimum of 8 hours each month, or 24 hours each quarter, and must comply with all mandatory re-training requirements, such as continual firearms qualification and other in-service training, in order to maintain their status with the Crestview Police Department.

For additional information concerning the requirements or process of becoming an Auxiliary Officer or Part-Time Officer with the Crestview Police Department, please contact the Police Department (850) 682-3544 and ask to speak with our Recruitment Section