The Crestview Police Department receives a variety of lost property that is turned in my kind citizens, generally things like wallets, purses and phones, that people mislay around town. We hold this property for three months. To claim your property, please appear at the Police Department in person during regular working hours (Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.) present a valid ID and provide a description of the property.

Property currently available to claim and its disposal dates are:

Computer & Documents – Krystal Hood, Thomas Gartner, 6/31/19

Heart Wallet, 6/26/19

Microsoft ATT Cell Phone, 6/11/19

Brown Wallet – Carlos Gant, 6/9/19

Cell Phones – 3 iPhones, 1 Samsung, 6/7/19

Black Purse w/Metal Studs – James Richard Lee Sr, 6/7/19

Purse and Make Up Kit, 6/1/19

Woman’s Wallet – Blue/Tan, Brittney Patriquin, 5/17/19

Black Wallet – Raymond Mabou, 5/20/19

Black Wallet/White Trim – Samantha Cordova, 5/10/19

Black Wallet – Ernest Lee, 5/12/19

Black Switch Blade Kinfe, 5/8/19

Black Leather Jacket, 5/1/19

Silver iPhone S, 5/1/19

Black Samsung S6 Phone, 4/28/19

Black Wallet – Shane Eisener, 4/23/19